Senior Day Services

Caregivers of disabled seniors may find respite thanks to day care programs offered by a local senior day services center. These facilities provide daytime care for disabled seniors in a group setting. Participants typically are afflicted with Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, dementia, a physical impairment, or simply the frailties of advanced age.

elderly-couple-100Senior day care centers offer caregivers respite from their daily duties! And they provide many activities and programs that cannot be found in the home.

senior-exercise-100Adult day care facilities frequently encourage elderly participation in group activities which involve safe, moderate, enjoyable levels of physical exercise!

Our site is developed and maintained by seniors in the hope that you the caregivers, and families of disabled elderly, will make good use of the information we work hard to gather here. We are particularly interested in adding information about new facilities, agencies and organizations.

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